Oil change… Important or not?

A minority of todays population know that changing the oil in a transmission is just as important as in a motor. This is the major reason why problems occur with transmissions. In fact, more than 90% of defect transmission causes are related to oil overheating and lack of maintenance wich results in contaminated oil destroying important parts of the tranmission!

A conform oil change consists of:
1- Take off the pan if present and clean magnet(s)
2- Change the oil filter and reinstall oil pan
3- replace old oil in the rest of the transmission with new oil
4- Make sure oil level is according to specs

Step number 3 is VERY important because the oil pan only contains about 35% of the total amount of oil. If you dont take the time to empty the rest (torque converter, valve body) you will mix 65% of contamined oil with 35% new oil. This will result in a useless operation.

Vehicle fabricators establish a mileage/time chart for the oil change of your vehicle but at Transmission Gauthier we suggest a general rule for the well being of your transmission. It consists of changing your oil every 50,000km or 2 years. If your vehicle is a heavy duty worker you should consider changing the oil once a year.

In Conclusion, dont hesitate to call us for more information on pricing, suggestions, or to fix an appointment and we will be glad to help you!

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